Pleasant Indoor Climate

The new foil heating is installed on ceiling, wall or bottom as panel heating. The pleasant temperature between 75-79 °F generates a comfortable warmth for our body. Furthermore, a pleasant indoor climate emerges that is created by expanding radiation heat after immediate activation.

Efficient Electric Heating

The foil heating has just a few components:

  1. ca. 0,3mm thin foil
  2. Low voltage converter
  3. Electric temperature control

It runs with a  24-48V  safety extra-low voltage. A perfect usage is recommended in combination with a PV-system with own consumption.

Uncomplex Installation

The installation is very simple. By mounting the foil heating, you just have to renovate your ceiling, wallpapers or flooring. Plug and play. If available, you can use your old power grid of the night storage heaters. General home power grids can sufficiently be scaled to provide the heating surfaces. In both cases installation work for the cable run are hardly necessary.

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