The IR-foil-heating is an electric heating which can fastly provide your area with pleasant warmth  for perfect indoor climate. An ideal option to radiators, heating elements  and night storage heaters, whether existing buildings or new ones.


Pleasant indoor climate without heaters, air circulation and no turbulences of dust. Consistent spreading of healthy radiation heat, by instant turn-on/-off. Also available with radio control.


Pleasant warmth in the bath room, wall and tiles. The foil can straightly be integrated underneath the tiles, wherever you want to feel it.


Cold legs under your desk are now things of the past. The warmth comes from top, bottom or from the side, aligned on your personal desire for a good working atmosphere.


Who doesn't want a warm floor for the children. Don't worry about the health. Barefoot walking allowed!


A perfect temperature balance for every type is monitored by a thermal sensor  for having a restful night. Every room can individually be heated.


If you want more information about our foil-heating system, please contact us!