Furthermore we are able to show on the example of our reference system that the calculation and forecast coincide with reality.
In order to prove beyond doubt the additional profit by means of reflectors, modules are only being equipped with reflectors at one of the two inverter inputs, that means to 1 out of 2 Mpp-trackers. 
Please note the two yield curves from 05.05.2018 and 06.08.2018. The course of the sun and the irradiation are approximately the same.


Often it is asked (FAQ) how the sizing factor, that means the power ratio  kWp - modules / kW AC inverter  is taken into account in the calculation.


After 05/05/2018, the angle of inclination of the reflectors has been changed. Until 05/05/2018, the calculated angle of inclination of the reflectors was based on the dimensioning / sizing factor of 1.05.


After that the angle of inclination for a sizing factor of 1.16 was recalculated. Depending on that calculation the angle of inclination of the reflectors was changed accordingly.


Based on the attached yield curves, the result is clearly visible. The peak performance in the summer months was reduced after the change.


yield comparison

with (blue) and without (red) reflector

Click here for the current values of the reference system at SMA Sunny Places