Increase the yields and efficiency of your existing elevated photovoltaic plant! No matter if it is a rooftop or an open field installation, the principle of it is easy to understand:

  • Use the light that falls into the spaces that are created between the module rows as shading protection.
  • What would have been lost solar radiation is now able to be utilised thanks to the reflector System attached to the installed modules. This leads to a total increase of energy yield of up to 20%.

The above photo showcases a PV system that has been successfully retrofitted with reflectors to increase the energy yield.

Specialised software to determine the increase in yield!


The increase of potential energy yield from existing plants can be pre-calculated by means of a specially developed software. Below are a few examples of light reflections from the specialised software that was tested at different solar states.


The reflected sunlight on the modules changes with the course of the sun. The light grey area represents the reflector, and the blue representing the module field. The white border is the module area, which is additionally applied to the mirrored light at a specified time. The entire area covered by the reflected light in the outlined light blue section. This may extend beyond the modules depending on the year and time of the day. (click to enlarge)

26th of July, 9:00 am



At 9 o'clock in the morning, the sun is in the east and is mirrored over the entire length of the reflector (equaling to the angle of reflection). The steep angle of incoming light results in a large reflection Surface.

26th of July, 12:00 am



At 12:00 noon, the sun is at its peak. The module surface and a part of the area beyond the module is irradiated. Due to this, an additional increase in energy yield is achieved.


26th of August, 12:00 am


At 12 noon at the end of August, the effects of the sun lowering over the course of the year is noticeable. Despite that, the modules will be able to irradiate up to 80% of their area with the additional light.



Comparative measurement: Inverter with 2 MPP-Tracker. Tracker A (blue) was installed with reflectors, Tracker B (red) without ones.

Yield difference:15,4%!

Upon request, we can create an individual project study that will assist in identifying the additional yield for your own specific PV-system.